Monday, March 3, 2008

What should we do? Awake now!!

Yesterday after missing out my morning satsang(because of my laziness), i decided to go to Gurudwara Sahib Silat Road Singapore for Evening Rehraas Sahib.. reached there around 6.00 P.M., after "matha taken" i came to Langar hall and there saw good numbers of sangat drinking tea (Disappointed to see as there were hardly 3-4 turbaned sikhs)and outside langar hall there would had around 50 more sangat.

SANGAT ENJOYING TEA AT LANGAR HALL, Gurudwara silat road Singapore...
After Drinking a cup of tea, i went to listen Rehraas sahib, it was started around 6.30 pm.... Bhai Ji started Rehraas sahib.. and i my heart sank as no one from langar hall or Outside turned out for Rehraas sahib.. i guess there were around 100 sangat in premises..

NO SANGAT DURING RAHIRAS SAHIB....Outside darbar hall, there were around 100 persons...
During whole Rehraas sahib there were around 5-6 persons present in darbar hall and around 100 outside!!!! Waheguru, Bless ALL of us..
I observed Gurudwara Management committee is doing so much efforts but all in vain... even i saw committee concern that devotees come to Gurudwara sahib just for eating good food and meetings friends not to attach to Shabad Guru.. Even committee has put in black and whiter and put its concerns on notice board..
Gurudwara committee has started so many Gurmat Programme but still fail to woo young and misled( i used word misled as 90% are so called "Cut surds") All most all of them belongs to Punjab and are in Singapore on work permit..we can well understand what image of Punjab, these guys portray to Singapore Sikh Community..

I seek your suggestions in this matter.. please do write ur valuable comments...

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Parvinder Singh said...

SSA - Same concern i have.Almost whevever i am visiting for darshan @silatraod, becoming frastruated, looking @sangat, sometimes it looks i am visiting hindu temple.Not sure, how to make sure these punjabi sikh become real sikh.May be some study about their local employers and their agents from punjab can help us. Somehow we need to pursuate 1st punjab agents that they only send the sabut surat sikh, then only question of local employers comes in picture. Bhul Chuk Mauf. Let's discuss more sometime later..

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